TonkaDelivery & MetroAuto Delivery - pool, same-day, overnight, on-demand delivery for the Twin Cities
Providing Cost-effective, Reliable Delivery Since 1973.

Together, Tonka Delivery Pool and Metro Auto Pool offer unique, customized delivery solutions. We specialize in providing affordable, efficient delivery for Twin City businesses with service that extends to portions of the five state region.

Currently, we service over 300 auto dealers, parts suppliers and florists throughout Minnesota.

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Delivery Areas & Maps

We have recently expanded our on-demand service, same-day and overnight routes. C;ick here for delivery area information.

Contact Information

Lynn: 612.701.8216 (all/sales)
Pat: 612.701.8214 (floral)
Don: 612.701.8215 (auto)
Josh: 612.702.4036 (auto)
Tom: 763.531.8103 (on demand)
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